INTRODUCTION..."The gravitational pull of the fast lane life was just too strong to compete with boring old school. Why sit in a building filled with people telling what to do and how to do it, when you could be out earning more in a month than your teachers made?  Funny that bothered me, because I knew the outcome could be jail, where being told how and what to do doesn't end at 3pm, but is a 24/7 hell...and that would suck. They may get away with low level shit, but if they entered the big leagues all bets were off, and there was always a strong possibility they'd get pinched and do a long stretch.

As you will see this life of ours was really no life at all. My boys could have accomplished anything, because they were bright! They would have been successful if only someone could have persuaded them not to fall into the trap. They should have loved someone or even themselves enough to walk away, but they never did. The boys would have still been funny, engaging and good looking, but they always thought the life made them who they were. It wasn't really true, because they made it look so much better then it really was." 


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THE PRISON WIFE​..."The feast of the Seven Fishes is the biggest night of the year, because it’s the night when card tables are added to extend a dinning room table to fit every aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent, and close friend while you dine for hours on delicacy after delicacy all proudly served by the women while red wine is liberally passed around sometimes cut with cream soda. Vinnie can remember the atmosphere with such clarity; he can smell the aromas he misses so dearly as he drools at the thought of his mother’s Sunday gravy."

WHEN WE OWNED NEW YORK..."Right before the fish eyed look sets in is the moment between the end of life and the beginning of death. That’s when your world blows up in your head. You know you can’t fight your way back, its over and your mind is flooded with images. The face of your best kiss comes into focus, blowing out candles on a cake, receiving communion; all the greatest moments reminding you they will never happen again! You’re fucked; you’re dead…or will be in a second. Everyone around you thinks you’re gone, but you’re not just yet..." 

THIS LIFE OF OURS..."The streets were filled with the most amazing aromas, laughter and love. This was the place to be and be seen. Walking down the street, everyone would chat, say hello as they went about their business. Each place had its own personality, but it all blended in, like Sunday gravy. At times there were two alternative worlds and cultures colliding, but mostly we passed like shadows in the night. We lived, learned and loved while the tourist and feds swirled around like annoying mosquito's nipping at our bare flesh."

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